5 April 2010

We Are Kampong Footballers

In the past, other than Volley Ball, Soccer a sports which I liked. It is still fresh in my memory and it is well recorded how to manage ‘the round skin’ to make it a goal. When the sun rays are enlighting the earth with its heat, clothed with salty sweat as the sea water, my friends and I –in the village, were keen to drill the ball.

In my village, the people there used to make use of the dry farm yards to play soccer until the rainy season comes. The habit to play soccer defeated every other kinds of activities. Starting with prayer (like shalat [read: Muslim prayer]) until daily routine activities (such as having a meal) are forgotten just like that. No wonder, if kang Jalal [read: Indonesian a soccer commentator] once said, “soccer has become some kind of a religion of mankind.”

Why do I and my friends prefer this “collective sports”? Collectivism is the reason why it is favored by everyone. 22 players are playing against each other, passing ball, competing to create a goal to the opponent’s. If I may compare, ‘village soccer fames’ are much more festive compared to the national soccer (in which the performance is continuously sliding down). There was one time when my team defeated another team from the same village with definitive win of 12-0. In my village, it was called “a dozen soccer”. It can be called a victory if the opponent has been defeated with an aggregate of 12-0.

I used to play in the left back position. If not as the left back position, I also play as left striker. I even used to be a playmaker for several years. This is not a lie, honestly, before my knee was injured, I had always become a starter in my village team and the pesantren team [read: religion school]. However, since I was only a village soccer player, I had to end my career in soccer when I had my injury. Well, that’s the reason, because when an injury strikes a village soccer player, there is not maximum recovery from the management team. As a consequence, my soccer career had come to an end.

Nevertheless, if there is a soccer game in my village against another village, I still like to play the game eventhough I was not as fast as I used to be. If I get the ball, I can only drill it as far as 3 meters. If I don’t pass it to my team mate, then I’d strike it with my left foot and it often make a goal, but more of a missed kick. Haha.

Now, when I have totally stopped from playing in soccer field, there has been a new hobby, which is to play in the futsal field. It is no longer winning a soccer game, but for health and fit body which caused me to play in futsal field of the Erlangga Stadium in Cibiru, Bandung. Aside from writing, reading, physical health must always be maintained. Well, one of the ways is by make use of this collective game.

By The Way, when playing soccer, a person who may look astute and wise, will easily injure the opponent. There is a proof with my friend. On daily habit, he seems so quiet, cool, astute and wise. But when he is in the field, his eagle technique is oftenly used when kicking the ball or to mark the opponent who is drilling the ball. Poos opponent, because he had to get up with aching leg because my friend tackled him to fall.

Wow, I think that is a player under “tacky” [read: village] category. Agh, but the soccer atmosphere in our is like that. Former national soccer player, Anang Ma’ruf, had an unlucky life when his hand was broken –as he was tackled by a player from the Super League player. Who knows when the Europeans find our soccer players, they may call Indonesian soccer players of being “tacky”. Ha ha... but why did Persipura was defeated by 9-0? I don’t understand our soccer players. They are nasty in their own community, but they are losers when they play in another’s field...especially when they play in another country. The Goal Keeper would become the frequent target of the opponent.

Hahahaha………….(That’s all my note from this village soccer player)…

(Submitted by Sukron Abdilah from Indonesia)

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Katedrarajawen said...

keren euy kang, semoga ada harapan untuk meraih kemenangan

Sukron Abdilah said...

hehe...saya doakan akang ke africa...salamin sama messi. semoga juga...